Introduction: How to Make Custom Stickers (CNC Vinyl Cutter)

As a part of my Mentorship with Spark ( I learned to make stickers on the Vinyl cutter at the TechShop (

Here is the process to make your own stickers:

1. To begin with we designed the stickers on the computer in Adobe Illustrator.

2. Next we imported our design into FlexiStarter, the software to control the CNC Vinyl Cutter.

3. We chose a piece of vinyl and clamped it into the CNC Vinyl Cutter.

4. Next we set the origin to the bottom right of the material using the menu on the machine (manually moving the cutter head to where we wanted it and then set the origin)

5. We set the speed to 10 because of our intricate design.

6. We set the pressure to 105, your pressure setting may vary due to the thickness of your vinyl.

7. We set the machine to go!

8. We then Weeded the design. (Weeding is the process of removing the unwanted vinyl from the design)

9. Next we put transfer paper over the remaining vinyl and our design.

10. Gently peel the backing off of our design leaving it attached to the transfer paper.

11. Finally we placed it on a different color piece of vinyl as a backing and carefully removed the transfer paper.

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