Introduction: How to Make Cute Keychains With Blue Wire Wrapped Cat Pendant

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Do you want to design your own cheap personalized key chain? Here I will show you how to make a lovely cat key chain with blue aluminum wire. This is an easy 3-step DIY project for adult to make with your kids. Let's see how to make the cute key chain with blue wire wrapped cat pendent.

Step 1: Supplies in Making the Blue Wire Wrapped Cat Pendant Keychain:

Rose Red Rhinestone Beads

1.5mm Blue Aluminum Wire

0.5mm Copper Wire

8mm White Pearl Beads

6mm Gray Pearl Beads

Gemstone Flat Beads

Jump Rings

Key Chain

Round Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

Glue Gun

Glue Stick

Step 2: Wrap the Cat's Head

1st, Cute a piece of blue aluminum wire (about 20cm long);

2nd, wrap the wire and form circles as shown in the picture;

3rd, preserve a short length, and shape 2 ears of the cat.

Step 3: Make the Body of the Cat

1st, take a rose red rhinestone bead, and wrap the blue aluminum wire and make a hole in the center according to the size of the rhinestone bead, and wrap circles to form 7 layers;

2nd, preserve a short tail, and twist it and shape a little loop at the end;

3rd, stick the rose red rhinestone bead to the hole in the center.

Step 4: Stick the 2 Parts Together

Stick the cat's head to the body with hot glue.

Step 5: Decorate the Wire Wrapped Cat

1st,make the eyes with 2 gemstone beads and 2 6mm gray pearl beads and stick them to the proper position;

2nd, snip off 3 pieces of 5cm copper wires and thread them to the 8mm white pearl bead. Snip off another 2 pieces of 3cm copper wires, then wrap and tie knots beside the white pearl bead;

3rd, attach the keychain.

Step 6: After You Have Done All the Steps Above, You Will Finish the Cute Cat Key Chain Like This:

With aluminum wires at hands, you can wrap it to shape many cute patterns as you like. I choose the cute cat image to make this lovely keychain, hoping that you kids will love it! Have a try with your kids!