Introduction: How to Make DIY Arduino Gesture Control Robot at Home

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How To Make DIY Arduino Gesture Control Robot At Home. In this project I am going to show you how to make a DIY Arduino Gesture Control Robot.

Step 1: Step by Step Video Tutorial

Parts Required for Receiver (Tank):

1) Robot Tank Chassis -

2) Arduino Nano V3 -

3) L298N Motor Driver -

4) NRF24L01+ Antenna Module -

5) Adapter For NRF24L01 -

6) 3.7v 18650 Li-ion Battery(x2) -

7) 18650 Battery Holder -

8) Breadboard -

Step 2: Schematic

L289N Motor Driver Power Connection:

18650 7.4V Li-ion Battery (+) to L298N VIN

18650 7.4V Li-ion Battery (-) to L298N GND

Arduino Nano VIN to L298N VIN

Arduino Nano GND to L298N GND

L298N and DC Motors Pin Connections:

L298N ENA to Digital 3 Arduino Nano

L298N IN1 to Digital 4 Arduino Nano

L298N IN2 to Digital 5 Arduino Nano

L298N IN3 to Digital 6 Arduino Nano

L298N IN4 to Digital 7 Arduino Nano

L298N ENB to Digital 9 Arduino Nano

nRF24L01+ Connections:

nrf24L01 VCC to +5V Arduino Nano

nrf24L01 GND to GND Arduino Nano

nrf24L01 CE to Digital 8 Arduino Nano

nrf24L01 CSN to Digital 10 Arduino Nano

nrf24L01 SCK to Digital 13 Arduino Nano

nrf24L01 MOSI to Digital 11 Arduino Nano

nrf24L01 MISO to Digital 12 Arduino Nano

Step 3: Circuit and Gerber File

Parts Required for Transmitter (PCB):

(If you want to buy the same PCB which one I used in this project. Just download the Gerber file and upload it to to order the PCB board.)

1) Get the PCB Board -

2) Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v 8MHz -

3) NRF24L01+ RF Module -

4) GY-61 ADXL335 Accelerometer -


6) 3.7v 750mah Lipo Battery -

7) Self-locking On / Off Switch -

8) LED Kit -

9) Lipo Connector Pin -

10) 100uF / 10uF Capacitor -

11) Resistor -

12) Female Header Pin -

13) Soldering Tool Kit -

Step 4: Source Code

You can find the source code on the GitHub page. You can upload the program using the Arduino IDE.