Introduction: How to Make DIY Fashion Purse From Cardboard and Denim?

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Fond of carrying fancy purses for various trips? Yes, there are many women or girls looking for different purse designs. But, are they costly to purchase? Wait a minute. Today, we shall learn how to make a decorative and cute cardboard denim purse that can be easily carried on trips for storing various required things.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Cylindrical cardboard
  • Cello tape
  • 1 old denim jeans
  • Lace and 1 stone
  • Cutter, scale, pencil and scissors
  • Glue

Have you gathered all the things on the list? Here is what you need to do ahead.

Step 2: Let's Take Cylindrical Cardboard & Cut It!

  • Take cylindrical cardboard. Measure the cardboard properly and cut the cylindrical cardboard into half using a cutter from both sides.

Step 3: Let's Cut Old Denim Jeans!

  • Now take an old denim jeans. Cut out leg portion of the jean. Cut one of the sides to open up the jean.

Step 4: Let's Cut 2 Circular Cardboard!

  • Now take cardboard and a cardboard cello tape to draw a circle. When drawn a circle on the cardboard, cut out the circle using a cutter. Cut 2 similar circular cardboard.
  • Now place the circular cardboard on one of the cylindrical parts and mark the edges on the circular cardboard. Make straight lines on both the circular cardboards with proper measurements and cut them into half using a cutter.

Step 5: Let's Join the Cylindrical Cardboard!

  • Take on of the half cut circular cardboard and stick it on the edges of the cylindrical piece using some glue. Similarly, stick all the half circular pieces on the cylindrical cardboard pieces.
  • Join the cylindrical cardboard, and take a cello tape. Stick one of the sides of the cylindrical cardboards for combining them properly.

Step 6: Let's Cover the Cardboard With Jeans Cloth!

  • Now take the jean piece. Apply glue on the cylindrical purse and cover it properly with jeans. While sticking, slightly stretch the jeans for avoiding any crease on the cardboard. Cut out the extra jean’s material from the sides.
  • Again, take another piece of jeans cloth and stick it in the inner side of the cardboard purse. When the jeans are properly fitted inside, fold the edges of the outer jeans inside using glue for proper finishing.

Step 7: Let's Stick Jeans Strip on the Cardboard!

  • Also, take a jeans cloth and cut out circular jeans with similar size of the purse sides and cut it out using scissors. Stick the sides of the jeans properly on the sides and cut out the center part with scissors for perfect opening.
  • Now take two pieces of denim jeans and apply glue on the sides. Stick the jeans strips on the sides of the purse in the inner side. Give the strips a fold in the inner side so that it provides with comfortable opening and closing.
  • Now take a jeans cloth and cut out a thick strip out of it. Apply glue in the center part and bend the corners inside to form a proper strip used to open and close the purse. Stick the strip on the opening end of the purse using glue.

Step 8: Let's Stick the Velcro!

  • Take a Velcro and stick it on the end of the strip using glue, while the other part of the Velcro needs to be attached to the lower part of the purse for firm closing of the purse in the form of a button.

Step 9: Let's Decorate the Purse!

  • Time to decorate your jeans purse! For this, take a thin lace in white and stick it to the edges of the purse. After covering the sides with the lace, stick the lace on the opening of the purse too.

Step 10: Let's Make a Loop for Purse!

  • Now make another strip of jeans. Make a hole on one of the sides of the purse using a cutter. Fold the strip into half and enter the ends of the strip inside the hole. Stick the ends in the inner side using glue to stick it.Finally, take a stone and stick the stone on the closing side of the purse below the Velcro.

Step 11: Conclusion

Your decorative cardboard purse is completely ready to use. Again, you can also add some extra decorations to the purse as per your choice to give it a fancy look.