How to Make DIY Flower Bonsai




Introduction: How to Make DIY Flower Bonsai


Tree stick,Binding wire ,Wire cutter, Green floral tape, Linseed oil, Glue, Blue cloth, Starch spray, Color ,Air dry modeling clay, Artificial dry grass, Pot

Step 1: Steam & Branches Making

  1. Take tree stick ,cut it like bonsai shape.
  2. Take few binding wire& twist it together.

Step 2: Flower Making

  1. Use floral tape on wire.
  2. Take blue cloth & press it with the help or starch.
  3. Cut the flower in three sizes.
  4. Join the petals with glue.

Step 3: Final Look

  1. Use Linseed oil on steam for original look..
  2. Arrange the flowers on steam.
  3. Take clay to fix the bonsai.
  4. Finial pics.

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    2 years ago on Step 3

    Nah, I though that it was about how to make an alive bonsai.. Not a dead, and fake, one. But thanks for the illusion after all


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for watching & comment ,plz keep watching & give suggestion to improve the work .plz also subscribe my channel .