How to Make DIY Key Holder Using Cardboard?

Introduction: How to Make DIY Key Holder Using Cardboard?

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Tired of finding keys everywhere in the house? Why not keep it in one place! We are with a solution to your daily chaos today. Through the best out of waste craft ideas, here is one of the easiest and beautiful ideas of making a key holder for placing all your important keys at one place.

Here are the things you shall need for making the craft followed by the steps to make it. So, let's begin!

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Cardboards
  • Color sheet
  • Printed sheet
  • Acrylic colors
  • Cutter and glue
  • Hooks
  • Artificial plants and flowers
  • Egg tray cartoon

Here is how you can make the key holder.

Step 2: Let's Cut the Cardboard & Stick It!

  • Take a cardboard and draw a hut on the cardboard using a pencil and scale. Cut the hut using a cutter. Cut out 4 strips from the cardboard with around 1-inch width. Using glue, stick two cardboard strips to make one thick cardboard strip.

Step 3: Let's Join Cardboard Strips!

  • Take the joint cardboard strips and cut one side of the edges in slant shape. For the base, cut out three strips of cardboards with width around 2 inches and stick them together too.

Step 4: Let's Make Window!

  • For making the window of the hut, take a cardboard strip and using a pencil, make a window on it. Give the window inner border too making 4 boxes.Using a cutter, cut the window from the cardboard strip and also cut the inner border of the window too. Make one more window in the same way.

Step 5: Let's Make Door!

  • Similarly, take another cardboard strip a little broad and using a cello tape make out a door on the cardboard. Cut the door using a cutter again. Again, give the door an inner border. Remove the outer layer from the inner layer.

Step 6: Let's Cover the Cardboard Using Color Paper!

  • Take some color sheets. Apply some glue on the hut shape cardboard and cover it using the color paper. Cut the remaining sides using a cutter.

Step 7: Let's Cover the Roof Cardboard Strips!

  • Now take a printed sheet. Cover the roof cardboard strips using the printed sheet from all the sides. Also, wrap the base cardboard using another printed sheet.

Step 8: Let's Cover the Window & Door!

  • Take another color paper and cover the window cardboard using it. Cut the paper from the center boxes to give a proper window look. Take a printed sheet and cover the sides of the door using it. Leave the center removed layer uncovered.

Step 9: Let's Color the Door!

  • Take some acrylic colors and color the central portion of the door using it in brown giving black and yellow shadings for a realistic look.

Step 10: Let's Arrange & Fix All Shapes!

  • Now place the hut shape cardboard in the center. Stick the two slant edge cardboard strips on the top triangular sides of the hut. Stick the base cardboard on the base of the hut using some glue. Take the door and stick it on top of the base cardboard in the center. And lastly, the doors on top of the door in the sides.

Step 11: Let's Take Egg Tray Carton!

  • Now take an egg tray carton and using a cutter, cut the egg boxes. Take some acrylic colors and color them in different colors.

Step 12: Let's Stick Artificial Plants!

  • Take some artificial plants and stick them inside the egg tray properly. This would make some flower pots for your hut. Stick the flower pots near the door on the base cardboard. Also, stick some artificial plants and flowers on the side of the hut climbing the roof.

Step 13: Let's Fix Hooks!

  • Take some hooks and stick them on the front edge of the base cardboard. Enter the hook inside the cardboard properly and use some glue on it too for firmness. Place 4 to 5 hooks in a similar way.

Step 14: Let's Fix Hanging!

  • Now take a hook for hanging the key holder. Stick it on the top of the hut behind the triangle strips.

Step 15: Conclusion

Your decorative piece of art is ready to use! The artistic key holder not only gives you an option to place your keys but also adds to the beauty of the walls in the form of display art. The key holder can be placed on the walls or also behind the doors for a unique look. So, gather all the necessary things and start making your own key holder. Happy art making!

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