Introduction: How to Make DIY Peacock Craft Organizer?

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Having many unwanted plastic spoons at your place? Why throw them when you can utilize them well to make a DIY organizer out of them! Yes, today we would be learning how to make a DIY Peacock Craft organizer using unwanted plastic spoons and other waste materials. The organizer would surely give your desk or dressing table an enhanced appearance with a piece that looks costly.

So, let's begin the process of making this adorable DIY Peacock Craft Organizer.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Plastic Jar
  • Plastic jar cap (Bigger than the jar)
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic spoons
  • Fevicryl clay
  • Glitter powder in golden
  • Bead lace and white bead lace
  • Spray paint and acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush, scissors, pencil, glue,and cutter

Step 2: Let’s Take Waste Stuff & Draw Peacock Shape!

Gathered all the things you would require? Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Take a plastic jar, one jar cap,and one cardboard. The plastic jar can be the cheese or butter packings you might be throwing after use.
  • On the cardboard, draw the front side figure of a peacock. This includes its head, beak, neck and half of its body portion. Take the plastic jar and make a straight line keeping the jar on the cardboard. Cut out the peacock from the cardboard using a cutter. Make 3 similar cardboard peacock pieces.

Step 3: Let’s Combine All Shapes!

  • Using glue,stick all the three cardboard peacocks forming one thick peacock front side. This would give your organizer a thick and stronger base.
  • Take a sandpaper and rub the edges of the cardboard peacock using it for a smoother texture.

Step 4: Let’s Take Fevicryl Clay!

  • Now take some fevicryl clay. With the help of water drops as required, stick the clay on the peacock covering the cardboard entirely.
  • Again, take the sandpaper and rub it on the surface of the peacock for soothing it.

Step 5: Let’s Take a Jar & Attached Peacock Shape!

  • Take the plastic jar and remove all the coverings it comes with.
  • Take the jar cap and stick the plastic jar on the cap using some fine glue on the center.
  • Now take the clay peacock and stick it on the front side of the plastic jar.
  • Again, with the help of fevicryl clay, you can also attach the peacock with the jar firmly by covering the joints with it.

Step 6: Now Paste Plastic Spoons!

  • Time to use plastic spoons now! Using scissors, cut the handles of the spoons leaving the upper side only.
  • Now take some glue and start sticking the spoons on the peacock and the jar slowly forming the feathers of the peacock.
  • Cover the jar an inch higher to hide the edges of the jar.
  • Cover the backside of the jar too giving a complete feather look to the peacock using spoons. The best way to stick the spoons is doing so in one direction only.

Step 7: ​Coloring Time!

  • Take some spray paint in brownish golden color along with glitter powder. Remove the glitter powder in a bowl. Color the peacock feathers and inside the jar using the spray covering all the edges. When the feather side is completely colored, take the glitter powder and sprinkle it on the color. This would give the feathers a dazzling look.
  • Time to paint using acrylic colors. Take the blue acrylic color and start coloring the front side or the face of the peacock using it. Begin from the edges of the feathers covering each area properly.
  • As you reach to the neck of the peacock, change the color to green. Also, cover the head of the peacock green with a slightly lighter shade. Color the jar cap using a combination of green and blue colors.

Step 8: Let’s Decorate the Peacock!

  • Take some bead laces. Apply some glue on the neck of the peacock and stick the beaded lace over it forming 3 to 4 lines of the lace.
  • Now cut 3 laces from the beaded lace containing around 3 to 4 beads in it. Stick it on the head of the peacock using glue vertically.
  • Now take two white pearls or beads and stick them on the head of the peacock in the form of eyes. Again, take a white bead lace and stick it on the side edge of the jar cap with some glue.

Step 9: Conclusion

Your organizer is all set to use.This peacock organizer is popularly used by women on the dressing tables for storing various daily usage accessories that can be quickly picked.Conclusion