How to Make Digital Art



Introduction: How to Make Digital Art

wanna know how to make digetal art with simple steps? Here we go im gonna help you!

Step 1: Make a Sketch and Transport It Into Your Art Program

make a sketch on paper or in your art program. make a photo of you sketch that is on paper and transport it to your computer and open the sketch in your program.

Step 2: Line Art

make a clean line art by adding a new layer

Step 3: Chose Your Colors

now its time to make it more colorful! chose some colors and fill in the white void between the black lines.

Step 4: Adding Details!

start adding some details! i started with the eyes and the weapon with using the airbrush tool

Step 5: Adding Even MORE

i added a shield a a sythe thats being hold by his oponent by adding more layers and drawing.

Step 6: Evil Shadow???

i added a few more layers and used the airbrush too; to make a evil shadow with a evil smile =)

Step 7: Background!

just filled in the background with the bucket tool its just as easy as 1... 2... 3!


added the shade in the foreground with the airbrush tool! and added my watermark and DONE!

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    Nice art tutorial. Thanks for sharing. We need more art projects on this site.