Introduction: How to Make Easy Wind Turbine From Large Pet Bottles

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Summer has started early this year. But today I found some fresh air passing by my window.

I couldn't ignore it. So I decided to make this easy wind turbine for my kids to play with me.

In this intractable I’ll show you how I celebrated earth day by making this easy small wind turbine.

Nearly all components come from recycled stuff.

The only new component is the Generator. I bought last year and made many projects with it.

This is my newest project.

I hope you like it.

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Permanent Magnet Motor

Step 1: Components and Tools


2 large PET Bottles

LED for Test


Old steel groom --- This is the main pole for the wind turbine

Tie rap

Old CD-Rom player metal cover --- This is the directing rudder. For wind turbine automatic direction through all wind situations.

DC Motor to act as Generator

This motor is a permanent magnet motor generator

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Step 2: Cut the Blades

I started by these two large PET bottles to make the blades.

First, start by drawing the shape of the blade on the PET bottle.

Then using scissors cut the PET bottle to the shape.

Now you have two identical blades.

Make sure to have the bottle neck untouched. This will act as a hub for the blades.

Step 3: Connect the Two Blades Together

Using heat connect the two blades form their both necks.

This connection point will act as the hub on which you'll connect the generator.

Now you have a pair of connected blades.

Step 4: Install the Generator

Make a hole in the center of the two bottles necks at their connection point.

Then make two smaller holes for the copper wire to secure the motor to the blades.


Now you officially have a DIY wind turbine.

Step 5: Roll the Fan

Connect wires and LED to test your wind turbine.

Put the wind turbine in-front of moving air and enjoy the breeze.

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