Introduction: How to Make Egg Tray Vase|Beautiful Vase|DIY Vase

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Step 1: Egg Tray

Take three(3) egg trays then shape them into triangles with the help of thread and needle

Step 2: Cardboard

Now place the triangle on the cardboard

Step 3: Plastic Bottle

Place the palstic bottle in the center of the triangle

Step 4: Plaster of Paris

Now put plaster of Paris inside the triangle

Step 5: Let It Dry

let it dry

Step 6: Cutting

Now cut the thread and separate the tray from project

Step 7: Sand Paper

Now give the project a proper shape with the help of sand paper

Step 8: Black Paint

Apply the black paint on the vase and do not let it dry

Step 9: Dry Glitter(Silver)

Now sparkle the silver glitter on the vase and let it dry

Step 10: Ready

Now our project is ready