Introduction: How to Make Eggrolls or Lumpia

Egg rolls are a fan favorite food that everyone enjoys. They are popular at parties and holidays. People like bringing egg rolls to parties because it is easy to make, easy to bring, and easy to eat. Not only are they considered comfort food, but they are also delicious and healthy. I really enjoy them and I hope you enjoy this tutorial on how to make fresh egg rolls.


1. 1 pound of Ground Pork

2.1 carrot

3. 1 whole onion

4. 3 cloves of garlic

5. 1 egg

6. 1 pack of egg roll wrappers

7. teaspoon of cooking oil

8. teaspoon of salt

9. pinch of pepper

10. pan

11. blender

12. knife

13. peeler

14. chopping board

15. plate

16. bowl

Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients

Start peeling the carrots, onions, and garlic. Cut them into pieces and then throw them into the blender. Put the ground meat into a bowl and add 1 egg, along with salt and pepper. Mix the blended ingredients in with the meat.

Step 2: Rolling the Egg Roll

Take out the wrapper and place one sheet on a plate. Take a spoonful of the meat and put it on the sheet. Spread it out from left to right until it evens out on one side of the sheet. Fold both corners to meet in the middle, facing each other. Roll from the bottom end inward then continue to roll the wrapper until it is closed. Repeat the rolling process until you find the proper serving you want.

Step 3: Start Cooking

Heat the oil in a small pan and deep fry the egg rolls in batches of 4 to 6 pieces or whatever can fit. Fry for 10 minutes or until golden brown on each side. Remove the fried egg rolls from the pan and let the oil drip. Put the egg rolls on a plate until ready to be served.

Step 4: Conclusion

While I was making these egg rolls I realized, I made some mistakes. I took the first batch too early. It ended up being undercooked. It is okay if you make mistakes because everybody does. It is surprisingly challenging to make these egg rolls for the first time because of the effort that you have to put in to make these egg rolls. You will get better at it as you keep trying. If yours doesn't come out golden brown, it's okay. You can always keep them for a little longer up to your liking. Once I put the first batch back in the pan, I cooked it for a little more time. Once they looked right to me, I waited for a few minutes and they tasted amazing. It was nice, warm, and crispy. It came out evenly fried and tasted delicious. I hope you enjoy making these egg rolls as much as I did.