Waking Up Right With Eggs 'N Hash

Introduction: Waking Up Right With Eggs 'N Hash

Have you ever woken up in the morning starving for a delicious meal? A meal that is fast and easy to make. A meal that is flexible so you can simply throw in whatever is left in your refrigerator. This recipe is all of those things. These instructions will show you how to make this amazing dish. Any person can make this meal, whether it is your first time cooking or you are an experienced chef. It typically takes ten to fifteen minutes to prepare and cook depending on how many of the ingredients you choose to include. This recipe will feed one to two people.

Caution: When not using the spatula, place it in an area where it is not touching the hot plate on the stove or the hot skillet. Doing so may result in melting your spatula.
Warning: Do not touch the hot plate on the stove or the hot skillet anywhere other than the handle. This will prevent burning yourself.

Tools you will need: (See Second Image)
- Bowl
- Fork (2)
- Skillet (non-stick pan)
- Stove
- Spatula
- Plate

Ingredients: (See First Image for basic ingredients)
- 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
- 2 cups of hash-browns
- 4 eggs
- 1/2 cup of milk
- shredded cheese
- onion
- green pepper
- tomatoes
- mushrooms
- spinach
- salsa
- hot sauce
- salt/pepper

Step 1:

Measure out the hash-browns, milk, and oil. (See Image)
Get out the eggs.
Decide which of the other ingredients you would like to use, or add some of your own.
As needed, cut or prepare these ingredients to your liking.

The beauty of this recipe is you can play with it and get something slightly different every time depending on what you decide to add to it.

Step 2:

Place the skillet on the stove.
Turn the stove on to Med-High.
Place the small amount of oil in the skillet. (See Image)

Step 3:

Swish the oil around so it covers the bottom of the skillet.

Step 4:

Pour hash-browns in the skillet.

Step 5:

Let cook, flipping hash-browns as needed, until they are golden brown.

Step 6:

Crack the eggs into a bowl. (See First Image)
Pour milk in with the eggs.
Use the fork to beat the eggs and milk together until it is all mixed and the yolk (yellow part of the egg) is completely broken and mixed in. (See Second Image)

Step 7:

Once the hash-browns have finished cooking, reduce heat to Low-Med.
Pour the egg-milk mixture into the skillet. (See Image)

Step 8:

As the eggs cook, be sure to mix them often so they are cooked thoroughly and you get more of a scrambled egg mix than an omelet.

Step 9:

You can add cheese in now if you want or wait until the end and sprinkle on top. (Image shows adding cheese at the end of cooking.)
Add in other ingredients as you please. If adding vegetables, add at the same time as eggs to they are fully cooked. If adding spinach or salsa, it is best to wait until the egg is mostly cooked.

Step 10: Finishing the Dish

The eggs are finished cooking when they are no longer gooey. When this happens, turn off the stove.
Use the spatula to move the food from the skillet to the plate.

Step 11:

Add whatever topping you choose: cheese, salsa, hot sauce, etc. (Image shows an addition of my favorite hot sauce!)
Grab a fork and dig in!

Step 12:

Don't forget to do the dishes!

I hope you enjoy this meal and will have fun making it time and time again so you can try new ingredients to add into the mix! The more you switch it up the more fun you can have trying new versions of this excellent dish.

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