Introduction: How to Make Electric Cycle

now i will tell you how to make an electric cycle


Step 1: Kit

i bought an Electric cycle kit near my home

Step 2: Opened the Kit and Fixed a Double Thread for Riding It As a Normal Cycle and Electric Cycle

i went to cycle repair shop and fixed a double thread given in the kit and fixed a 220watts motor

Step 3: Accelerator and Breakes

Fixed Electric Accelerstor and Breakes by removing the normal

Step 4: Key and Head Light

took head light box that contains Key area and made a charger

Step 5: Battery

Made a battery carrier by welding
battery 12 Volt 7Ah 2 numbers
Totally 24 Volts and 14 Ah

Step 6: Wire Connections

They have given vire names where to connect so i connected it and tied with a wire tie

Step 7: Testdrive

its a new experience to ride and no pedalling is needed 30 days once we have to charge

Step 8: Result

Now onwards i am not using fuel bikes and making pollution free environment

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