How to Make Electrical Pigtails




Introduction: How to Make Electrical Pigtails

This is a basic tutorial on what electrical pigtails are and how to make them.

Disclaimer: Always use multiple sources and do your homework before performing any electrical work. Also, make sure all work is done within national and local code.

Step 1: Pigtails

Cut 6 inch lengths of THHN or unsheathed Romex wire. Strip 1/2 inch of the PVC jacket from each end.

Step 2: Loop

Loop the bare copper wire at one end.

Step 3: Secure

Secure the loop to the electrical unit and fasten. A switch is being used in this example.

Step 4: Multiple Pigtails

In this example a pigtail is secured to 2 switches. These will then be connected to the main Romex wire pictured. This will allow power for both units.

Step 5: Twist

Twist the wires together with a lineman pliers. Twist in a clockwise direction because this is the same direction used by the wire connector cap.

Step 6: Cap

Twist on a wire connector cap.

Step 7: Complete

Pigtails have now been used to connect two switches to a wire. Another common application is to use pigtails to extend wire that may have been cut too short.

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    Question 14 days ago on Introduction

    Hiii.. questions for you.. is it much different to put 3 or 4 pigtails on one line?
    … can I put 3 on one line? I currently have 2 light switches that turn my porch light and light post lights out front. I’d like to add a line for a small garden pump and run a switch inside to it.
    Also would I need heavier Romax because I’m doing 3 lines?
    Actually, I think there is a receptical outside that connects to the line with the lights outside. Sorry - don’t mean to confuse you!