Introduction: How to Make Emojis in Minecraft

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For my first instructable, I will teach you how to make an emoji in Minecraft! The emoji that I used for the example was the simple silly emoji. I worked very hard on this instructable and it took me over an hour in total, and I didn't copy anything whatsoever! All of this was my original idea! Someone may have made it already, but I didn't get anything about my project from anyone or anything, other than myself. Also keep in mind, this is my first instructable, so I'm not very good at it yet. Please enjoy!!!!!!!

Step 1: Chose Your Emoji

This step is pretty simple! Just decide witch emoji your going to recreate! I will be trying to do the simple silly emoji!

Step 2: Get Your Materials Ready

Depending on which emoji you're making, you might need different materials, but for ? I will be using: blocks of gold, yellow wool, pink wool, and brown wool.

Step 3: Making the First Part of the Outline

This step is where things get a little more complicated, but you'll catch on. So you want to use the gold for this part. To make a circle, you start out with ten gold blocks in a row.

Step 4: Making the Second Part of the Outline

From the row of ten you just made, you will add on 5 gold blocks going outwards diagonally, making a total of 6 diagonal blocks. Do the same thing to the other side of your row of ten.

Step 5: Continuing the Outline

From the diagonal line you just made, add on 9 blocks below it, giving you a column of ten gold blocks in all. Do that same thing to the other side of your outline.

Step 6: Finishing the Outline

To finish off your outline, you just need to add another diagonal line of 5 gold blocks, starting from the bottom of the line you made in the previous step. This time, make the diagonal lines going inwards! Of course, do this to the opposite side as well. Then just close off your figure by connecting those last 2 diagonal lines together by adding a row of 8 gold blocks between the last 2 blocks of those lines.

Step 7: Filling in Your Circle

At this point, things start getting simpler again. To fill in your circle, you'll want to switch to the yellow wool. Then, you want to use the outline as a guide to fill in your circle. Inside the circle, you need to trace that outline 4 times.

Step 8: Adding Your Eyes

Now, it time to start making the face, starting with the eyes. The emoji I chose has it's eyes closed. So, switching to the brown wool, place your first part of the eye on the third space of your left column. Then, diagonally upwards from that block, place another block of brown wool. Next, place a third block of brown wool directly to the right of that block. Lastly, to finish your first eye, add another black of brown wool diagonally below that block. Repeat these steps on the other side of your circle to make your second eye.

Step 9: Making the Mouth

My emoji actually has its tounge sticking out, so I need to leave some room for that. Still with the brown wool, you will place your first mouth block three spaces below your first eye block. Then, place 2 blocks of brown wool diagonally below the first mouth block. Don't forget to add those three diagonal blocks on the other side of your circle, also. Now, connect those last blocks together by placing 4 more blocks of brown wool in between them, for a total row of 6 brown wool blocks. That completes the mouth, but not the tounge. To make the tounge, just make a 2x2 square of pink wool connected to the last 2 diagonal blocks on the right.

Step 10: Finish Filling in Your Emoji

For this last step, you'll have to go back to using the yellow wool. With the yellow wool, just fill in the space you have left inside your emoji.
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