Introduction: How to Make Ethernet Cable Checker

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My ADSL Modem is far away from my home so I use Ethernet cable to bring internet to my home...But sometimes internet is disconnected. I noticed that is is the fault of cable. So I made this small but very helpful gadget...Concept behind the project is very simple.... In Ethernet, connection is established through only 4 wires out of 8. (I will discuss Ethernet cable jack pinout in next steps)...So I checked only 4 wires...If these are OK cable is suitable for Broadband Internet. But If some LEDs are not ON or all of them are OFF then Cable is cracked/broken...

Step 1: Part List

1). RJ-45 Socket x2

2). 1.5 Volt AA Battery x2

3). AA Battery Holder x1

4). Matrix Board x1

5). 3 volt LED x3

6). 3 volt small LED for Power Indication x1

You should also have wires and soldering experience and proper soldering tools (Soldering Wire, soldering iron, soldering rosin, etc.).

Step 2: The Power Unit - One End

This is the power source for LEDs. I used RJ-45 Socket. And I used 2 AA batteries (1.5v*2 = 3 volts) to power 3 LEDs on the Second End on other side of wire.

Step 3: LED Indicator Unit - Other End

On the other side of wire I made a small unit containing 3 LEDs to check the 4 wires of Ethernet cable. 3 LEDs are for 4 pins (3 pins are +ive, one for each LED While 1 pin in for -ive/ground, common for each LED).

Solder the 1,2,3 and 6 number pins of RJ-45 Socket to +ive and -ive terminals of LEDs respectively. That's All...

Step 4: Ethernet Cable Pinout

Step 5: Circuit Diagram

Step 6: Checking the Cable

I have checked my 200 feet cable with my cable checker....

To check the long distance cable you have to do only a small effort, plug one end of cable on Power Unit and other end of cable on LED Indicating Unit.
If all 3 LEDs are ON, Your cable is Okay.

If any of these LED is OFF, Cable is broken or Connectors on the ends of cable are not connected to cables properly.

Hence you can diagnose any Ethernet cable on your own with the help of this small but very useful tool...

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