How to Make Extra Simoleons in the Sims FreePlay

Introduction: How to Make Extra Simoleons in the Sims FreePlay

The Sims' FreePlay is a really fun game, but in the beginning it can be hard to make ends meet for your Sims. I hate buying in-app purchases, so this cool little Instructable will show you how to make a few hundred thousand more Simoleons to pamper your Sims.
Also, you want to reset your progress, because the tutorial only happens once in the beginning.
If you start off with a dog, this guide will not work for you.

Step 1: Taking Advantage of the Tutorial:

If you have some mild progress, reset your game by clicking on the •••.
1. Add a Sim.
2. Pan, rotate, zoom in, and zoom out the camera.
3. Buy a toilet.
4. Use a toilet, 7 seconds.
5. Wash hands in a sink.
6. Expand a room. This is where you earn a few thousand Simoleons, instantly. Go to your Sim's bathroom, and extend this FROM THE TOP, for free. You can sell this after the tutorial. There will be a small hedge in the way, it would be wise to move that first.
7. Add flooring. DO NOT put new flooring or wallpaper in your bathroom, as it will decrease the amount of Simoleons you will get. Put it in the living room.
8. Add wallpaper. DO NOT put new flooring or wallpaper in your bathroom, as it will decrease the amount of Simoleons you will get. Put it in the living room.
9. Buy a lamp.
10. Move an object.
11. Browse clothes in the wardrobe. Note: You do not have to make any changes, just tap the green check and tap yes.
12. Buy a garden patch.
13. Grow some bell peppers, 30 seconds.
14. Check your mailbox.
15. Collect revenue on the town map.
16. Build the fire station. The rush cost for this is free.
17. Get your Sim a job at the fire station,
18. Build your second house and add a sim. Don't be specific about your Sim, as you will be deleting it later. The rush cost for this is free,
19. Inspire your new Sim with a cupcake.
20. Place the clock from your inventory.
21. Open Simtracker.
22. Call a Sim over (using the whistle on the Simtracker)
23. Switch Sim selection.
24. Be funny to a Sim, 10 seconds.
25. Build the park, 4 minutes. Don't rush this build, wait 4 minutes like a civilized human being and save your LPs.
26. Open your park. The tutorial is now done.
This is intended for people more familiar with the game. If you need more help with the tutorial, use this link.

Step 2: Making Simoleons:

1. Once you are done with Step 1, go to your first Sim's bathroom. Open the 'build' menu, and tap the center of the room. There will be an option to sell it and gain §6,140. Tap the red §. This will give you more than enough money to buy a One-Bedroom Home later.
2. Find your second Sim, tap on his/her menu, and tap on the small red button right of its name. It will ask you 'Are you sure you want to move your sim out of town?' Tap yes.
3. Once the Sim is gone, go to the town map and tap on the green home button, and then tap on the button that says 'View House'. Sell the rooms (the items will end up in your inventory) and either sell the trees and flowers or add it to your inventory.
4. When you have an empty lot, go to the town map and tap on the green house icon once again. This time tap 'demolish house'. Tap yes.
5. Click on the blue house icon on any house, and build a 'One-Bedroom Home'. A major advantage is that the build time is only 5 minutes.
6. When the house finishes building, tap on the green icon and select 'View House'. Sell all the rooms and collect the greenery. For this house, DO NOT relocate the red sedan to your first Sim's house. When you save up for the Mansion, it will give you a luxury car.

Step 3: The Last Step:

1. Rinse and repeat mini-step 6 in step 2 as many times as you wish. You will find that extra Simoleons pile up quickly.
2. What ever you do, DO NOT buy the Hallway House. It is not worth it, and just save up §7,000 more for a mansion.
I hope you enjoy this guide, and for my first 'Ible, I think I did okay.

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    Interesting trick. I haven't had a chance to play this game before, but I might check it out.