Introduction: How to Make FIFA WORLD Cup Trophy 2018 From Cardboard DIY at HOME

Watch the video:

Materials you will need-


-Templates as provided in the description

-BBQ Sticks



-Tissue papers


-White glue

-Paint brush

-Arcylic colour (Metallic gold)

-Acrylic colour (Green)

-Black marker

Step 1: Make Cardboard Cutouts of the Templates Provided in the Description, As Shown.

Step 2: With the Help of BBQ Sticks, Stack the Templates on Top of Each Other As Shown. Number 144 Is the Base Template Which Will Be at the Bottom, and Number 1 Is Top Template.

Step 3: Using the Plier, Cut the Remaining Part of the BBQ Stick As Shown.

Step 4: Take 2 Parts White Glue and 1 Part Water, and Mix Them. Using the Paintbrush, Apply Glue and Stick the Tissue Papers As Shown.

Step 5: Let It Dry Overnight.

Step 6: Paint the Trophy With the Metallic Gold Colour, As Shown. Paint the Green Stripes As Shown.

Step 7: Using the Black Marker, Write 'FIFA WORLD CUP’ Between the Green Stripes As Shown. Your FIFA World Cup Trophy Is Ready!

Step 8: Watch the Video for a Detailed Tutorial!