How to Make FIFA WORLD Cup Trophy 2018 From Cardboard DIY at HOME

Introduction: How to Make FIFA WORLD Cup Trophy 2018 From Cardboard DIY at HOME

Watch the video:

Materials you will need-


-Templates as provided in the description

-BBQ Sticks



-Tissue papers


-White glue

-Paint brush

-Arcylic colour (Metallic gold)

-Acrylic colour (Green)

-Black marker

Step 1: Make Cardboard Cutouts of the Templates Provided in the Description, As Shown.

Step 2: With the Help of BBQ Sticks, Stack the Templates on Top of Each Other As Shown. Number 144 Is the Base Template Which Will Be at the Bottom, and Number 1 Is Top Template.

Step 3: Using the Plier, Cut the Remaining Part of the BBQ Stick As Shown.

Step 4: Take 2 Parts White Glue and 1 Part Water, and Mix Them. Using the Paintbrush, Apply Glue and Stick the Tissue Papers As Shown.

Step 5: Let It Dry Overnight.

Step 6: Paint the Trophy With the Metallic Gold Colour, As Shown. Paint the Green Stripes As Shown.

Step 7: Using the Black Marker, Write 'FIFA WORLD CUP’ Between the Green Stripes As Shown. Your FIFA World Cup Trophy Is Ready!

Step 8: Watch the Video for a Detailed Tutorial!

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    Question 11 months ago

    Hi, I want to make this for my father on fathers day and i cant seem to download the temple, google says it just doesnt exist. Can you help or email the plate to me?
    Email: shelen AT gmail

    Thanks in advance


    8 months ago

    They say download the FREE TEMPLATE! Okay, click, but nooooooooo, no FREE TEMPLATE. You have to register. Okay, register, but nooooooooooooooo, no FREE TEMPLATE. On behalf of my 10 year old son, THANK YOU...for nothing. Toedeledoki!