Introduction: How to Make FLOAM Slime!

Welcome to my NEW Instructable!

Today I will be teaching you how to create the Floam Slime. I will explain my method to you in both a video and steps that you can follow along with. On the next page there is a short video explaining all safety precautions and aspects you should take when making any type of slime in addition to a list of all materials you will require. The materials will also be listed again in the video & in the written steps you need to take!

If you are a Visual/Listening Learner then I advise you to go to the next page take a look at the safety precautions and then continue to the video with all the steps in it on the page following the safety.
If you are a Reading/Visual Learner then I advise you to go to the next page take a look at the safety precautions and then continue to the next page (after the safety) with all the steps on how to make the slime.

Step 1: Safety + Materials

Please watch the video to view ALL safety hazards of making slime!!

Safety Instructions! VIDEO!!!


Jar (200ml size)

Glue (clear or white is fine)

Half a cup of water

Food colouring

Borax Powder Glitter (or any other decorative things)

⅓ of a cup of polystyrene beads/ fluffy beads



- Get a jar and fill it up will 4 ounces (113g) of glue. Either white or clear glue. The most recommended glue is Elmer's glue. The clear glue gives the slime more of a shiny, translucent look whereas the white glue creates for of a cloudy, creamy look.

- Next, add half a cup of water to the jar and stir. Food colouring may be added to give the slime some fun colours.

- In a separate container mix together: 1 cup of water & 5 ml of Borax Powder. Be careful when using the Borax powder (see the safety hazards). Borax can be bought in any store in a detergent section, a typical choice is: 20 Mule Team Borax. (THERE ARE ALTERNATIVE SLIMES THAT DO NOT USE BORAX)

- After that is done. Add the gluey solution into the jar with the mixed borax and water solution.

- Before kneading, put in your polystyrene beads. These beads are what makes this slime a kinetic slime. Add more or less beads depending on how filled you want your slime to be with these beads.

- Use your hands to knead the slime. The more you knead, the less stickier the slime and therefore the former it will get. Keep going until you have the consistency you want. Leftover water will most likely still be in the bowl!

Enjoy playing with the slime!

To Store: Store the slime in a sealed container to avoid the slime from drying out.

Step 3: OUTRO

Thank you for trying out this Instructable :)
Thank you for trying out this instructable :) It is greatly appreciated and I hope you have fun playing with your newly made slime! Please do leave a like or a comment if you enjoyed this instructable or even if you just would like to give some constructive criticism. I hope all your doubts on how to make slime have been lifted! I have to more slime instructables (for FLUFFY and CLASSIC slime) that you can find on my instructables page!