How to Make FULLY FUNCTIONAL PS4 Version Spiderman Web Shooter




Introduction: How to Make FULLY FUNCTIONAL PS4 Version Spiderman Web Shooter

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Hi Readers, in this instructable, I made a 3D printed web shooter that is fully functional from the spider-man ps4 version

Halloween is on the way! for this upcoming holiday season, this can be your treat or gift for others!

This idea was originated when I was searching for some really cool web-shooters online, from the results which I got many were functional but used springs, magnets, and some complex mechanisms

This is the reason why many drop the idea of making their own web-shooters as getting those components might be difficult for some.

No worries here after I have cleared all those issues and made this really cool web shooter which does not require any spring, magnets, and other complex mechanisms

I have made my own design for barrel and cartridge system on Tinkercad because these are the parts that pose problems

I have given links to all design files that I used in this project, Don't forget to give it a try

Also if you are a fan of spiderman web-shooters check out my other really cool web shooters on my SITE


We do not require many supplies to make this as most of the parts are 3D printed so here is list of basic materials to make this web shooter

  • PLA Filaments of the color red, black and white
  • 3D printer (generic)
  • Filament cutter
  • Sandpaper
  • Rubber bands
  • Elastic belt
  • Superglue
  • White thread

Step 1: Design of Ps4 Web Shooter

For the design I have used Tinkercad software, it is very easy to use and I made barrel and cartridge using this software

For Body, I found this model on Thingiverse, You can use wings, back cover, and Body from that model

Below are my design files for Cartridge and Barrel

Step 2: 3D Printing PS4 Web Shooter

As said earlier I used red, black, and white PLA filaments to make the body of this web shooter

It took me an overall 4 to 5 hours to print all those models

Here are the colors used for these model

BLACK= Side wings and back support + Belt holder(optional)


WHITE= Barrel+Cartidge

Step 3: Cleaning 3D Printed Parts

Once you have the models 3D printed we can start to work on removing additional supports, sandpaper was used to give the final touch while a plier was used to removing excess supports

We have our final models that are ready to be assembled

Step 4: Assembly of Models

  • Assembly is very simple as we have very few parts to be connected to each other
  • To begin with, start to connect wings with the main body and later barrel to the body followed by coupling back body
  • To attach this to my wrist I used 2 pieces of elastic bands that I recycled from my old cap. To keep those belts adjustable I used 3d printed belt lock
  • Now add rubber band as shown in the image
  • I have provided groove on the barrel so as to keep the rubber band anytime ready to be used
  • Use super glue if necessary, the only place to use super glue is to seal the barrel to the main body and to attach belts to the body

Step 5: Finishing

We are almost done with our project, the only leftover part is to make the web-slinger part

I added a drop of superglue on top of the cartridge followed by coupling white thread

Here you can choose the length of thread as per your wish, I used a 150cm thread

Just push the cartridge into the barrel until it gains some potential energy and release, you can watch your web shooter go!

That was all about making spiderman ps4 version web shooter

In addition to this, I made a homecoming version, miles morales mask and a few electronic versions of web-shooters which you can check HERE

Step 6: Working Video of PS4 WEB SHOOTER

Check this video for working of this web shooter

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    11 months ago

    What a well made, and written project. It looks like a fantastic halloween project


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    Yes it is!


    1 year ago

    so cool! looks really good.


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    Thanks a lot :)


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    Thank you bbro