Introduction: How to Make Felt Mermaid Doll

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I made this cute felt mermaid doll. In this tutorial, I will

show you how easy one by one steps.

I made this doll’s pattern also if you like, you can download from my blog link:

Please click on the pattern pic, it will show you bigger size, you can copy or download it.

I will try to show you dolls body, makeup, dress, hair all this thing in one video.

So, let’s get started. Here is the list, what material you need for this project.


1) Felts

2) Polyfill

3) Needle and thread

4) Wool

5) Black fabric paint

6) Hot glue

7) Pink blush or lipstick (for doll's makeup)

Step 1: Doll's Body Parts:

First, I draw the doll patterns and I scan them too for

uploading. Then using my pattern, I cut my felt as doll's body shape.2 head parts and 2 body parts 4 hands part and 2 tail parts.

Step 2: Stitching Doll's Body Part:

Now I stitched two head parts together and keep the little

gap for filling. Then I stitched other body parts too same way, and keep the little gap. Then I filled head, body, hands and tail part with this poly-fil and make it like a doll shape.

Step 3: Finishing Doll's Body:

After filling with Poly-fill all body parts, we need to join all the body parts by stitching. First, attach the tail by stitching to the body. Then attach the head to the neck area and stitch it. Then attach the hands to the body.

Step 4: Doll's Makeup:

I used the black fabric paint for doll’s eyes and lip, and I used my pink lipstick for doll's makeup. Just little touch-up cheeks area.

Step 5: Making Doll's Dress:

Doll’s dress pattern also includes in the draft. For the upper part cloth, there is front part and 2 straps. So, we need to sew one strap for back and another strap from neck area and your upper dress is ready you decorate it with anything. I decorate with green and blue color small felt. Now we will finish the tail. So first I used a waist belt to the body and tail join are. And the for the fish scales I cut felt small pieces and stick with glue to the tail. So, our doll’s dress is ready now.

Step 6: Making Doll's Hair:

For making doll’s hair I used wool. So first layered the chunk of wool horizontally and then from the middle vertically I put hot glue line, then on that line, I put one wool thread one line and the fold the layer of wool and stick together as you can see in my video. And then take the wool layer and stick it to the doll’s head. Again, take few wool layer and stick it to the dolls forehead area for hair front layers style. Then take the front hair and twist it and take it to back and tie it with a hair elastic.

Now it's done doll is totally ready.

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