How to Make Flowers From Paper




Introduction: How to Make Flowers From Paper


In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make these flowers +vase.

So get ready!

Step 1: Making the Flower

First of all,take a colored paper and fold it a little bit.

Then cut the paper,make thin stripes.

After cutting the stripes,foll the stripes.Make sure that the paper is rolled tightly.

Step 2: Making the Stem

Then take a colored paper (green) of 2 X 10 inches.Roll the paper and make it like a thin stick.

When you reach at the end,apply glue on the corners and roll the paper

Step 3: Making the Flower..

Now take your flower and apply glue at the back side.

Take the stem and roll the flower around the stem.

Make sure that your flower is rolled tightly but that doesnot mean that you will tear the paper. '-'

Step 4: Making the Leaves

Take a piece of green paper and fold it.

Then cut it into a pointy shape and unfold it.

Glue the leaves around the stem,and your flower is ready!

Step 5: Making the Vase (This Step Is Optional)

Take a jam bottle and anything you like to make a vase

Add ribbons.

Put pebbles and sea shells in the bottle.

And at the last put the flowers inside the bottle and...... DONE!!!!!!!!

You can make these flowers to give to your friends and relatives or decorate your house with these flowers.

I hope you liked this tutorial.Please comment down below.


Step 6:

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