Introduction: How to Make Fluffy Slime!

Today I’m going to teach you a super easy, fluffy slime recipe! Start by gathering the following ingredients and materials:

1 bottle 4 oz glue
1 cup shave foam
¼ cup cornstarch
Body lotion
Food coloring
1 tsp borax powder
1 cup hot water
(Optional) hand soap
(Optional) Add foam beads, glitter, or any other decorative, slime safe add-ins)

Liquid measuring cup
Dry ingredient measuring cup (size 1 cup and ¼ cup)
2 different teaspoons

I would also recommend removing any hair ties, bracelets, or rings before you start.

Step 1: Make Your Borax Water

Start by making your borax water. Fill your liquid measuring cup with 1 cup of hot water. Pour 1 tsp of borax powder into the liquid measuring cup. Stir lightly with the first teaspoon until fully dissolved. Leave the teaspoon in the water and set the mixture aside.

Step 2: Pour Glue Into Bowl

Pour out all 4 oz of glue into the bowl. When most of the glue is poured out, get a small amount (a little less than a tablespoon, but just eyeball it) of hot water out of your cup, close the cap of the glue bottle, shake it around for a few seconds, and then pour this mixture into the bowl. Stir lightly.

Step 3: Add Shaving Foam (must Be Foam)

Fill a dry ingredient measuring cup with 1 cup of shaving foam and add it to the bowl. Scoop it all out of the cup with a spatula. Get as much shaving foam out as you can out of the measuring cup. Stir lightly, until fully mixed. Your slime should look very light and fluffy.

Step 4: Add Cornstarch

Measure ¼ cup of cornstarch and pour into the bowl. Stir VERY lightly. If you stir this too vigorously, the cornstarch will fly everywhere and make a huge mess. Stir until fully mixed.

Step 5: Add Body Lotion

Add 10 pumps of body lotion and stir. If your shaving foam wasn’t scented, you can add scented hand soap if you want a nice smell, and the hand soap (foaming or regular) will also create some bubbles, but this add-in is totally optional. Stir until fully mixed.

Step 6: Time to Add Some Color!

Add your desired color of food dye to your mixture. Add anywhere from 5-15 drops (3 at a time) depending on how vibrant you want your color to be. Be sure not to add too much, or your slime will stain your hands when you play with it. Stir until fully mixed.

Step 7: Time to Decorate!

Now it’s time to find whatever add-ins you would like to include in your slime. This step is completely optional, and your slime will turn out just as great in the end. Adding some glitter or foam balls will just give it a title something extra, and it’s always fun to try new things when it comes to add-ins. Just make sure they are slime safe products, and you’re good to go. If you chose to add something to your slime, pour it in now and mix it around. Keep adding and pouring until you have reached your desired amount.

Step 8: Activate Your Slime

Now it’s time to activate it. This is the biggest step of making any kind of slime, and it’s also the most important. There are many different activators you can use, but today we are going to use borax water. Grab your borax water from earlier. Add one teaspoon of borax water at a time to your slime and stir until evenly distributed. You will end up needing about 10 teaspoons, but that is not an exact number. Keep stirring and adding borax until your slime turns into one big clump. You should be able to stick your fingers in and touch it without getting anything on your hands.

See next step for further instruction.

Step 9: Knead the Slime

When the slime is firm enough to touch, and not too sticky, begin to knead it with your hands. If it is still too sticky, and is coming off on your hands, add more borax until it is touchable. It’s okay if you over activate it (make it too firm) because it won’t make a mess for now, and we can fix it later in step 10.

Step 10: Fixing It Up

After kneading your slime, it should start to become more stretchy and less sticky on your hands. If it is still sticking to you or leaving small pieces on your hands, add borax water. If your slime is too firm and not stretchy, add lotion and fold your slime around until it is all mixed in. Add both of these ingredients as needed until you get you are satisfied with your results.

Step 11: Grab a Container, and You’re Done!

When you’re done playing with your slime, find a container to keep it in so it doesn’t dry out. Put the slime in the container and make sure the lid is completely closed. Now you have a fun fluffy slime to play with whenever you want!

Pro tip: Be careful when taking your slime back out after a long time, because it may be sticky. Always keep some borax water on hand.