How to Make Foam Board Scenery: the Basics

Introduction: How to Make Foam Board Scenery: the Basics

This guide is designed to assist you in using basic skills to make a foam board building that could be used, for example, to create a full scale model as shown with additional supplies. This is a DYI project that can be done at home, in your kitchen or living room or place of crafting and can be done with minimal time, effort, and supplies.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  1. A marker that can draw on foam board (no expo markers)
  2. A straight edge ruler
  3. An Exacto-blade
  4. A large foam board (or small pieces of board, depending on the size of house you wish to make)
  5. A cutting board (preferably)
  6. Craft glue (Elmer's)
  7. (Optional) Decorating Supplies: Paint, Stickers, Glitter

Step 2: Draw Lines for Cutting

  • Outline 4 walls using the marker onto the foam board (2 (3''x4'') walls and 2 (3''x5'') walls)

Step 3: Cut Out Pieces

  • Cut out each of the traced piece from the foam board

*The clean cut should look like the bottom, left picture

*If having trouble cutting, flip the board and finish from the other side (as shown in the bottom, right photograph)

Step 4: Doorways and Windows

  • After the walls are cut out, draw a door and windows. It does not matter which wall the doors or windows are on.
    • You can either freehand or use a straight edge for this (as shown in the top picture)
  • After drawing, cut them out the same as the step before

Step 5: Assembly of Walls

  • To start, Put the corners of the walls together
    • To do this, place glue along the edges of the longer walls (as shown in the middle picture)
  • After applying the glue, take the short walls and place them perpendicular to the glued walls (as shown in the bottom left picture)

* After the walls are glued together, set aside to let dry

Step 6: Trusses and Roof

  • Outline 2 trusses (triangle to support roof) on the foam board
    • 4 6/16'' wide and 2 3/16'' high
  • Outline 2 rectangular roof tiles on the foam board as well
    • 5''x3'' the other will be 5"x3 3/16"
  • Cut out the pieces from the foam board.

Step 7: Roof Assembly

  • Take the longer of the two roof pieces, place a line of glue along one of the long edges (as shown in the top picture)
    • Take the shorter piece and place it perpendicular to the long piece
  • Now take the triangular trusses, and glue them on the ends of the rooftop pieces. (as shown in the bottom left picture)

Step 8: Final Assembly

  • Trace a line of glue along the front and the back of the house
  • Take the roof and place in on top of the house, along the glue edges
    • The triangular trusses should be placed on the glue

Step 9: Congratulations!

Now you know the basics of making a foam board building. You can use these skills for any tabletop hobby. The only thing left is to decorate your house. This can be done by painting, drawing or any other form of art you chose to use.

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