Introduction: How to Make Free Chopsticks Out of Sticks

Traditionally made from bamboo, chopsticks are a convenient and extremely versatile eating tool. Cheap and easy to find, chopsticks are revered by many countries around the world. So why make your own quality hand-made ones? Well, need a gift for a loved one? Beautiful and easy to make, chopstick making requires no money whatsoever. Or stuck chopstickless in the woods? Simple, make yourself your own. 

Step 1: Materials

Materials needed will be any stick you can find, preferably around 2 feet in length, as well as a solid pocket knife. Cut the stick into two equal pieces, and place the pieces in boiling water for around ten minutes to kill bacteria.

Step 2: De-Barking on Our Journey

After boiling the stick pieces, let them rest for a few minutes before gently peeling the bark off with your knife. Short strokes should be taken with little effort. Remember to peel away from your hands.

Step 3: Whittling

Next it's time for the fun part: whittling. With long strokes with your knife, slowly shave off strips of wood from the sticks. You can make whatever patterns you wish by selectively carving different portions. Once again, whittle away from your hands. When you have the tip thickness you want simply apply the food-safe wood finishing you want and you're done!

Step 4: Trim to Size and Polish

If one stick is longer than the other, don't be afraid to saw a portion off. 

Step 5: Present Presentation

If you're giving these chopsticks as a gift: Give the chopsticks in a box with some wood shavings, or present them in a classic bowl of ramen. Try experimenting, as long as your chopsticks are roughly the same size and width they should pick up most objects just fine, but if you find the chopstick thickness your loved one prefers it will make your gift that much more personal! 


If you're using them yourself: Enjoy!

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