Introduction: How to Make Game Boy Printer Paper

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Does your gameboy printer not print with the same quality it used to? Your printer may not be to blame. The original Game Boy printer paper over the years has become damaged. The reason? The Game Boy printer uses thermal printing technology, kind of like A receipt printer. Receipt paper uses A special chemical that darkens when held near heat. Over time this special chemical coating wears off causing the paper not to react to heat as well as it used to. And since Nintendo has stopped production of Game Boy printer paper, we are stuck with faded images forever! Or are we? Today I will show you how to turn regular receipt paper into brand new Game Boy printer paper that prints like New! Enjoy!

Step 1: Gathering the Tools and Materials

For this hack, you will need A hacksaw, kitchen streak knife, A tape measure and A roll of receipt paper, and as you probably know, A Game Boy printer.

Step 2: Start Hacking Away

Wait! First you need measurements! The Game Boy printer uses 1.5" wide thermal rolls. Ok, now you you can start hacking. To cut the paper down to the right size, take your tape measure and Mark on the roll where you will cut. To cut at the right width, Mark on the paper where 1.5" will be from the edge.

Now take the hacksaw and cut where you marked. if there are any paper shavings still on the roll after you cut it down to size, remove it with the steak knife. Next, get out the Game Boy printer and put the roll in the compartment where it should go. Since the receipt paper is probably to large to put the paper cover back on, go ahead and unroll it until the paper will fit comfortably in the Game Boy printer with the lid on.

Now simply cut with A pair of scissors A point in the paper end and fit it into the feeding mechanism until you see the paper end sticking out of the top. Pull the paper through and tear it off. your done! To test it out, hold the feed button while turning the printer on. This will cause the printer to print out A test message. Note: Because this paper reacts to heat, there will be A shade of black on the paper you cut because of friction from the hacksaw.

Step 3: An Alternative

You can also use 1.5" thermal taxi rolls. I have ordered 10 of these from an online auction for 5.00. All you have to do with these is unroll the paper until if fits inside of the printer. I would recommend this method of you do not have access to any of the tools needed for hacking regular receipt paper.