Introduction: How to Make Gas Stove Lighter at Home

This instructables describes how to make a gas stove lighter from easily available materials.Usually if the gas liquid gas is completed we will not t refill it so,the lighter elctronic part can be reused to make a lighter.

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials required:


2)pvc pipe

3)safety pins

4)bottle cap


6)insulation tape


Step 2: Disassemble Lighter and Wire Connection

Disassemble the lighter and take the following part of lighter.

Remove the insulation of wire by a wire stripper and connect it with wire as per the above picture.cover the wire connection with insulation tape.

Step 3: Make Changes on Pvc Pipe

Take a pvc pipe and make the following changes as per the picture.

Step 4: Insert the Electronic Part of Lighter in the Hole of Pvc Pipe.

Step 5: Connecting Wires to Safety Pin

Cut safety pin as per the picture

Connect the free end of wires to the two safety pin as per the picture

Step 6: Final Assembly

Cover end of pvc pipe by insulation tape.

The other end of pvc is closed with a bottle cap.

Your gas stove lighter is ready .

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