Introduction: How to Make Google Home Assistant Control LED Strip Light at Home

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Hey Guy’s

In this video you’ll Get to know How to Make Google Home Assistant Control LED Strip light using NodeMCU

Its NodeMCU control and Google Home ControlBased project, you can also work with this help of contol RGB LED Strips for your Gaming setup and Room setup .

This is a really awesome project totally made at home.

I Hope you enjoy my this Instructable 1st Project and for more detailed please watch my YouTube Channle .

Thank you for your time...

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Part of List:


2)wsp8266 LED Strip

3) Dc Connector

4) Wrie

Code Link-

Step 1: Step 1 : NodeMCU ESP8266​

Hey Guys ,

NodeMCU ESP8266 Its mainly part of this project for making a wonderful project for your Gamaing set up so Its Programming based project but not a hard work its so easy and just a 5 Minuets project .

Step 2: Step : 2 ESP8266 LED STRIP

This LED strip you can used in NodeMCU ESP8266 And Arduino but i have used in this project with NodeMCU ESP8266 ,

Guys any other problem for making this project please check for this project video on my YouTube Channel .

Step 3: Step : 4

Step 4: Step : 4

Step 5: Step :5

Step 6: Step : 6 Codeing NodeMcu

Step 7: Step : 7 Adafruit

Step 8: Step : 8 IFTTT

Step 9: Step : 9

Step 10: Step : 10 Supply

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