Introduction: How to Make Granny Carts Not Just for Grannies Anymore

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This is a unique way to sport your granny cart in style on the city streets. Granny cart culture can hit mainstream with your help!

After you get your granny cart from an older relative follow the instructions, but feel free to incorporate your own creative ideas, as this project is all about personality and customization.

Step 1: Step 1: Painting

You'll need sandpaper, a dust mask or respirator, spray paint, and spray primer. First, sand down the old paint. Next, mask off areas you do not want to paint with tape. After that, spray on primer, following directions on can. Once the primer dries, spray the desired color paint onto the granny cart and allow to dry. Always follow directions on can and spray in a well ventilated area.

Step 2: Step 2: Wheels

You can use most sized wheels, we used wheels about 10 inches in diameter that we found and recycled. Sand paint off of wheels with sandpaper. Mask off the areas you do not want to paint (such as rubber tires). Spray your fresh new paint, following directions on can (and in a well ventilated area, of course).

Step 3: Step 3: Grip

Youll need handlebar tape (local bike shop) or grip tape/hockey tape, and a pair of scissors. Simply wrap tape around upper portion of handle, or wherever youll need grip and comfort. Carefully overlap each wrap evenly, stretching while wrapping to maintain a nice looking finish.

Step 4: Step 4: Pushboard

Youll need a portion of an old skateboard, some hardware (shown below), clamps, and a pencil. Cut the board with a bandsaw or a hacksaw if you do not have access to shop equipment. First draw your marks for attachment to the skateboard. Then, clamp board to another board (so you dont drill into work surface) and then to the workspace or surface and drill holes. Make sure the holes are all the way through your skateboard. Align and fasten the hardware. After that, laminate a couple blocks (I used MDF) with wood glue. Wait for the glue to dry and then mark and drill your holes for the skateboard truck hardware. Align and attach trucks to risers. Attach the push board to the back of the cart. If you have steel wire, you can bend it (pliers or hands) and form a lock for the board to fold up and lock into place for travel.

Step 5: Step 5: Making a Spoiler

To make a super-sweet spoiler for your G-cart, youll need some sheet aluminum, a drill, a metal drill bit, metal snips/ metal bandsaw, rivet gun, rivets, pencil/marker, and a straight edge/ruler. First, mark out your design on the metal with your pencil or marker. Then, cut out your design/pattern with the metal snips (or a saw if its thicker). Make sure to watch the edges of the cut material, as it may be extremely sharp (you might want to wear gloves). Youll then need to drill holes at your connection points for rivets. Basically, this will act as a bolt that just holds the two pieces of sheet metal together, and it will retain a nice finish. Use the rivet gun to attach the rivets.

Step 6: Step 6: Customization

You can adapt these carts to however you want, and the whole point of this instructable is to see what others would do at this point with their personal customization. Personal hobbies are highly recommended, as the personal touch will really shine through your G-cart for all to see. Things like weaving, cutting metal designs, and creating containers or boxes are a few examples of customization. You can make boxes out of wood or fibreboard, but if you do not have access to equipment, recycled cardboard with slot and tab design can be used as well. You can cut this cardboard with a utility blade.

Step 7: Now Go Enjoy!

Heres a few shots of pimped out granny carts in action

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