How to Make Hand Sanitizer at Home




Introduction: How to Make Hand Sanitizer at Home

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Hello are you? Hope ur doing good and staying safe..In this instructable i made a hand sanitiser using easily available materials.Since we all know getting hand sanitizer is difficult in present takes less time to make one at your home..if ur text hater u can directly jump into video.if the video is not supporting copy and paste the link in your browser it will work for lets get started

Step 1: How to Make Hand Sanitiser Video Https://

Direct link for video

Step 2: Materials Needed

  • Fresh Aloe vera leaf (got it from my garden)
  • Clean Glass bowl
  • Empty Container for filling liquid
  • Clinical Spirit(not surgical spirit)
  • Essential oil(i used lavendar)
  • New Syringe
  • Spoon

Step 3: Getting Aloe Vera Gel

Using knife peel outer layer of aloe vera leaf and using spoon take out the gel and put in glass bowl

Mix the gel properly and smash it untill fine paste is obtained(i used plastic spoon)

Step 4: Adding Ingredients

  • Add clinical spirit to aloe vera gel
  • Add essential oil to that paste
  • Mix the components thoroughly

Step 5: Fill It to Container

Fill everything to container from bowl and the sanitizer is ready for use

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    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. Wondering why Clinical Spirit instead of Surgical Spirit?


    Reply 2 years ago

    it works better...