Introduction: How to Make Hand Sanitizer

In the world of Covid19, hand sanitizers have become scarce and very expensive. There is shortage of hand sanitizer in the market and today, we will be learning how to make a hand sanitizer.

Step 1: Materials

First, let us take a look at all the materials that will be needed in making the hand sanitizer.

1. Mixing bowl

2. Spoon

3. Empty container

4. Funnel

5. Measuring cup

Step 2: Ingredients

Next are the ingredients that we will be using to make the hand sanitizer

1. Rubbing alcohol of a minimum of 91% isopropyl alcohol

2. 100% Aloe vera gel

3. Essential oil (any fragrance of your choice

Step 3: Step by Step Instructions

1. Add 1/3 cup of rubbing alcohol in the mixing bowl

2. Add 1/4 Aloe vera to the mixing bowl

3. Stir/whisk until it is well blended

4. Add 8-10 drops of essential oil to the mixing bowl

5. Stir/Whisk until is well blended

6. Once mixed thoroughly, pour the mixture into the container using the funnel

7. Label the container "Hand Sanitizer

Step 4: End Product

And that complete an easy step by step instruction of a hand sanitizer