How to Make Hawaiian Lei Garland Plumeria Flower




Introduction: How to Make Hawaiian Lei Garland Plumeria Flower

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Lei is a polynesian garland.

The first time I got lei'd on was at the Garden Island Airport waiting area (baggage claim) by my friends. Words were not enough how magical it was to wear a lei. The flowers smelt so good and felt so cool around you neck.

Lei is often given or shared during graduation day, birthdays, weddings, and other occassions or if you will be visiting the Hawaiian Islands, you might get lei'd on by your friends.

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Step 1: Gather You Materials

  1. Fresh Plumeria Flowers
  2. Needle
  3. Thread

Step 2: Clean Flowers With Water.

Step 3: Thread Needle to Your Desired Length.

  • Measure a length around your neck if you wish.
  • Start stitching one flower at a time.
  • Insert needle to the flower tube facing front. Just following the long line and then do it to the next piece.
  • Watch the video to see that action!

Step 4: Keep Stitching Until the Thread If Covered With Flowers.

Leave some thread to tie or close the lei garland.

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    5 years ago

    I live in Wisconsin and I was wondering how to get Plumeria Flowers. None of the garden centers or florist have them.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Hi Michelle.
    I don't know if plumerias grow in the mainland and where to find them. But there are companies on Hawaii that ship plumerias to the mainland. Try google search. I found one site but I did not verify it