Introduction: How to Make Healthy Cashew Butter

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This an amazingly quick and healthy way to make cashew butter with coconut oil!

Step 1: Making Your Butter

What your gonna need is cashews and coconut oil... simple! Measure out 16 oz of cashews and toss them in a blender. Your going to need about 1 tbsp of coconut oil give or take (It just depends on the cashews really) and toss that in too. Start blending it all together until you get a good consistency. While your doing this you may want to throw in some salt, use a tsp of salt or to taste.

Step 2: Other Ways to Make

While it's blending it could not be grinding like you want it to, so just use a spoon and play around with it until you get it moving again. That's it! A really quick and simple way. You can also do this with Almonds, Walnuts, Peanuts and pretty much every kind of nut! Keep in mind that some nuts (Such as Peanuts) contain more oil in them than others so you may not need as much coconut oil or you may need no oil at all. Some things you can also do is throw some sugar or some honey in which is really good. Hope you'll enjoy this!