Introduction: How to Make Hershey Kiss Flowers

These chocolate "flowers" are great for Valentines' Day and are super easy to do.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Gather all the supplies needed to make a Hershey Kiss Flower. You will need:

colored cellophane

wooden kebab skewers

florist tape

Hershey Kisses

thin green ribbon

a mason jar

Step 2: Gather Tools

Gather all the tools necessary to complete the project. You will need:

a sharpie

a ruler


Step 3: Roll Out Cellophane

Roll out your colored cellophane so that a large section is flat against the table.

Step 4: Measure the Square

Measure 5 inches using the ruler from the corner of the flat cellophane along the edge of the cellophane.

Mark the measurement (i.e a dot) with the sharpie.

Measure 5 inches from the corner along the other edge.

Mark the other measurement with the sharpie.

Step 5: Trace the Square

Align the ruler with the marked measurements and trace with the sharpie so that you have a 5x5 square.

Step 6: Cut Out the Square

Cut out the square using the scissors and set aside.

Step 7: Measure and Cut the Ribbon

Measure 8 inches of the ribbon and cut it. Set the ribbon aside.

Step 8: Wrap the Skewer

Wrap the skewer with the florist tape. Start just below the tip and work your way down.

Press the tape so that it stays secure.

Cut the tape when you reach the bottom and wrap over the end.

Step 9: (optional) : Break the Skewer

Snap the skewer to the desired length.

Step 10: Connect the Chocolate to the Skewer

Hold a kiss with the flat side up.

Insert the tip of the skewer gently into the chocolate at an angle.

Do not put the tip in between the foil wrapping and the chocolate.

Step 11: Add Another Chocolate

Place another kiss on top of the connected chocolate.

Hold together with your finger and thumb.

Step 12: Wrap the Chocolate in Cellophane

Wrap the chocolate with the cellophane square from step 6.

Place the center of the cellophane square on the tip of the top chocolate and hold with your finger and thumb.

Slide your finger and thumb down the sides, therefore wrapping the chocolate.

Hold the wrapped chocolate with your finger and thumb at the bottom of the two chocolates.

Step 13: Tie the Ribbon

Tie the ribbon just below the bottom chocolate to keep in place.

Place the center of the ribbon behind the base of the chocolate and hold with your finger.

Cross the two ends of the ribbon.

Pull one end through the loop and pull to tighten.

Tie in a bow to finish.

Step 14: Place Flower

Put the flower into the mason jar.

Step 15: (optional): Repeat From Step 4

Repeat the process from step 4 to make another flower.