Introduction: How to Make Home Theater Projector - Turn Your Smartphone to Projector

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How to make Home Theater Projector for under 5$ using your smartphone
Personally i buy this Magnifier for 2.50$. If make magnifier hole bigger use duct tape or hot melt glue gun to fix the magnifier to box. Smartphone must be under 90 degree in box. Play video in upside down, white background and don't forget to turn off the lights.

If using iPhone use assistive touch to make rotation, rotate to right or left. For Android can use Set Orientation app - or Ultimate Rotation Control -

In reality look more lighter and better. Video size in this video on wall was around 1 meter X 50 - 60 cm.

Build materials

- Shoe box or some other box

- Magnifier 8 - 10 cm | 3.15 - 4 inch

- Some cutting tool ( scalpel or scissors )

- Pen or pencil

- Duct tame or hot melt glue gun