Introduction: How to Make ICream (Mashup)

Hi! I'm going in to seventh grade this year, and my school had an online enrichment class for CAD. We recently got a 3D printer, so I was on Tinkercad thinking that maybe I could design something to print. Well, I found this project. It looked like a lot of fun, so here's my result! Introducing iCream, my slightly ridiculous mashup of two of my favorite things: ice cream, and phones. So. Here's how I made it!


1. Working computer with internet access

2. Tinkercad account

3. Imagination and a love of ice cream

Step 1: Make the Ice Cream

Obviously, if I'm going to make an ice cream phone, I have to combine those two objects, right? So I made an ice cream cone by enlarging a, well, cone and hollowing it out. Then to make the scoop, I took a torus and a sphere and sized it to fit on the cone. Then I put the sphere on top of the giant torus. Simple enough.

Step 2: Make a Computer

Alright, I didn't actually make a computer, I just made some keys and a screen. Take a cube, shrink it down, and flatten it. I think you can manage this part. Then I added text to make the symbols on the keys. The screen was just two rectangular prisms flattened, one slightly bigger than the other. I colored the outside rim white, like vanilla ice cream. (Yum.) Then I dragged the screen over to the scoop of ice cream. Finally, angle the keys to match the side of the cone and then place them where you want them. Done! Toppings at no extra charge.

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