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Introduction: How to Make Ikea Floor Lamp DIY

Good day!

I saw in the store IKEA floor lamp YPPERLIG. I liked this lamp. So I decided to make something like that with my own hands

Step 1: Step 1

I went to the hardware store and buy following:

· Two drain plugs with a diameter of 160 and 200 mm.

· Aluminum pipe with a diameter of 14 mm and a length of 2 m.

· Led lamp.

· Wire, plug and switch.

· Construction gypsum.

· PVA glue.

· Paint.

Step 2: ​2 Step.

Let's make a stand of our lamp. To do this, take the aluminum tube and begin to bend it on both sides. The top should be a little longer than the bottom.

Step 3: ​3 Step.

Paint our stand in red

Step 4: ​4 Step.

Need to seal the seams of the led lamp and extend the wire

Step 5: ​5 Step.

Install the lamp in the center of the plug. fix the lamp support vertically and fill with construction gypsum

Step 6: ​6 Step.

Wait until the plaster hardens. Clean the lamp.

Step 7: ​7 Step.

Next you need to make the base of our lamp. The procedure is almost identical to the manufacture of the canopy. But there are a couple of differences. Take the housing from the led lamp driver and seal it.

Step 8: ​8 Step.

Stretch the wire into the driver housing. Gloss over it all with sealant. Arrange inside a large plug and fill with plaster.

Step 9: ​9 Step.

Wait until the plaster hardens. Remove it from the form

Step 10: 10 Step.

Take out the wire and solder it to the LED driver. Insulate the wires with hot glue.

Step 11: ​11 Step

Fasten 4 rubber feet and the lamp is ready!

Step 12:

The lamp fitted perfectly into my interior. I really liked the texture of the plaster. Also, The lamp was much cheaper than the original. :)

It is convenient to work at the computer, read books.

Hope you enjoyed my DIY project. Thanks for watching!

You can find more information in my YouTube video

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    3 years ago

    Oh, Cool stuff, simple and best!!!


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    Thank you! :)


    3 years ago

    That's fantastic. I love how simple it is :)


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    thank you so much! ;)