How to Make Instant Curry Ramen

Introduction: How to Make Instant Curry Ramen

Making Ramen is fairly easy and can be with different ingredients. For what I will be telling you how to make, it does not have to have meat or spice if you do not like it.

This kind of curry is a Japanese instant curry which tends to be more on the sweet and smooth side. The ramen I will be using is Shin ramen and it is a chewy kind of ramen. (it also contains a seasoning and a spice packet) As for the Chicken, it is just some chicken breast that was part of a leftover meal I had the other night. Both the curry and ramen can be found at almost any oriental store.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients


  • Shin Ramen
  • 3Min Curry Ottogi Brand
  • Medium sized pot
  • 5 cups of Water
  • A Soup Bowl
  • Chopsticks or fork


  • 1 Egg
  • 1/2 cup cooked Chicken breast or any meat

Step 2: Preparing Foods

To prepare the ramen and curry, First take a pot to boil around a bowl or two, enough to give you around a half a pot of water to boil. Wait until the water boils on the stove and add in the curry packet. Since the curry had a hole at one of the corners, I stuck a skewer through it and let it sit on the rim of the pot.

After the time it takes to heat up the curry which is around 3 minutes, take it out to let it cool and add in your ramen. After two minutes of having it sit in the boiling water, take a fork or chopsticks and poke it so it spreads out. Wait of another minute or two and pour the ramen and water into a strainer.

I do this because it is to remove the chemical/ preservatives that the ramen has.

For the Chicken Breast, you can pop it in the microwave for a minute thirty and its ready.

Step 3: Assembling Foods Together

To start assembling, take the strainer of ramen and shake it to get rid of access water and pour it into a medium sized bowl.

Next I add an egg and some of the spice from the metallic seasoning packet. (You do not need to do this if you do not like it, but it will make it spicy along with the egg will coat the noodles with the spice seasoning.)

Then add in the white packet seasoning, chicken, and the cooled of curry packet.

Once you have assembled it to look like the pictures, take your fork or chopsticks and mix it like tossing a salad. the heat will slightly cook the egg you mixed in.

Step 4: What It Might Look Like in the End

Eventually you will get something like this. If you try it and its still cold, pop it back into the microwave for a minute or two and it should be fine.

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