Introduction: How to Make It Look Like You're Hacking #HMS2018

In this instructable, you will need a Computer. That's All ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Step 1: Making a Text Document

The First thing you want to do is right click, click on new, then click on Text Document. (Because text documents are awesome!)

Step 2: Making It Look Clean, and Changing the Color to Green

Type "@echo off" Then press enter, then type "color 0a"

Step 3: Making It Full Screen and Making the Title "The Matrix"

After "color 0a" Press enter then type "Title Matrix" This will name it "The Matrix". Press enter then type "mode 1000", So when the time comes, it will be full screen.

Step 4: ''CLS'' Then Goto ''Hack"

this will clear some coding and make you go to a different section of the "Hack"

Step 5: Making a Greeting

To make the greeting, type ":hack" press enter, type "echo hello there" press enter, type "pause" press enter, type "cls" type "goto Matrix"

Step 6: Creating the Hacking Effect

To do this, type ":Matrix" press enter "echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%" and copy paste for a long time. Then type "goto Matrix"

Step 7: Saving the File

On the top left corner, you'll see something that says save as. Click it and on the bottom, name it what ever you'd like, but it has to end in ".bat".

Step 8: THE END

If You Want To Stop The Numbers, You Can Do ctrl+shift+C To Stop The Batch File.