How to Make Kerplunk Backyard Games

Introduction: How to Make Kerplunk Backyard Games

Hello, I will be showing/teaching you how to make back yard Kerplunk. Kerplunk is a fun game to play with your friend or a ground. It is a quick couple minute game that is really fun for a birthday party or get together's.

Step 1: What You Need


1. 5.5cm colorful Ball pit balls

2 .Blue Hawk 36-in x 10-ft Galvanized Steel Hardware Cloth

3. Bamboo garden sticks

4. Wood stand or any other material

5. staple's

6. screws

7. wood screws

8. L bracket

9. zip tie

Every thing is from home depot except the ball pit balls they are from Walmart

Step 2: How to Build Wood Stand

1. Use one 2 X 4 and cut into four 16 inch pieces.

2. Use one 4 X 4 and cut into four 16 inch pieces.

3. Screw the four 10 inch pieces the the four corners of the bores

4. If you want you can paint the stand to give it some colour

Step 3: How to Build the Chicken Wire Tube

1.Make an about 4 foot tall tube of chicken wire and place it over the wood stand the tube to the wood stand with a staple gun

3. Tie the two ends of the wire with zip ties

Step 4: Bamboo Garden Sticks

1. Slide the bamboo garden sticks threw the holes. Make sure you don't leave any big spaces so the balls cant go threw.

Step 5: Ball Pit Balls

1. Dump in the balls and your ready to play!

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    Tip 4 years ago on Step 2

    Suggestion: instead of creating "butt" joints and having to use "L" Brackets, you could make 45 degree miter cuts in the 2x4 (like a picture frame) and then you can just screw them down directly into the top of the 4x4 post.

    Also, maybe an Ikea Hack...Buy one of those 10$ Lack tables and just cut out the centre. Might be a cheaper alternative.


    4 years ago

    Clever idea!!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank You!