How to Make Kimbab

Introduction: How to Make Kimbab

Kimbab is a popular food in South Korea. In urban areas, Koreans eat Kimbab as a breakfast to save time. Kinbab contains rice, vegetables, and meat so it is full of nutrients. Kim means seaweed in Korean and bab means rice. Therefore, rice wrapped around seaweed with other recipes is simply a Kimbab.

In order to prepare kinbab one will need the following ingredients and equipment.

Rice cooker,

White rice (Korean or Japanese rice is preferable but any white rice will work),

Seaweed sheets, (sheets about notebook paper size work best; this ingredient might only be available in local Asian market)

Long carrots,

Long stick of ham (This ingredient might only be availalbe in a local Asian market),


Grounded salt,

Kimbab wrapping tool ( You will have to look for this in a local Asian market)

Vegetable oil,

Sesame oil

Step 1: Clean the White Rice and Cook It

Thoroughly clean and rinse the white rice with water.

Place the white rice in a rice cooker and add the appropriate amount of water depending on your rice cooker model. It is perfectly fine if the rice is finished cooking before you prepare everything. Usually rice cookers have a setting that will keep the rice warm automatically after they are done.

Step 2: Prep the Ham and Cook It

While the rice is being cooked, cut the ham into thin long pieces. You will need to buy ham that is appropriate for this procedure. The length of each piece should be about 20 centimeters long and have a cross sectional area of .25 centimeters squared.

Slightly fry or grill the ham pieces with a bit of vegetable oil or olive oil.

Step 3: Fry Two Eggs

Place two eggs in a bowl and mix them very well.

Fry the egg with a little bit of vegetable oil or olive oil. When frying the egg, you must make sure that you fry the egg as a flat plate about .5 cm thick. Be careful not to break up the egg into several pieces. It is ideal to create one thin plate-like fried egg as flat as possible.

After you are done frying the egg, cut the plate-like fried egg into long pieces about .5 cm wide. Due to the nature of most rounded pans, some of your egg pieces will be shorter than others.

Step 4: Prepare the Carrots

Thoroughly wash the long carrots and make sure to peel the outer skin. Cut the carrots into long thin pieces about 20 centimeters with a cross sectional area of .25 centimeters squared.

Similarly to the ham, fry the carrots slightly using vegetable oil or olive oil in order to make them softer.

Step 5: Season the White Rice

After the white rice is finished cooking, add a little bit of salt and sesame oil to the white rice. This is for seasoning rice to taste better.

Step 6: Prepare the Kimbab Roll

Place the Kimbab tool on a flat surface and place one

dry sheet of seaweed flat on top of the Kimbab tool.

Add white rice to two thirds of the seaweed sheet. Make sure not to add white rice close to the edges and leave a little bit of seaweed free of rice. You want to create a flat layer of white rice on top of the seaweed about .75 centimeters tall.

Add about two long pieces of egg, two long pieces of carrots, and two long pieces of ham on top of the white rice layer.

Step 7: Roll the Kimbab Into Cylindrical Rolls

After all of your ingredients have been placed on top of the white rice layer, make the Kimbab roll using the Kimbab tool. Using the Kimbab tool, wrap the roll into a cylindrical fashion and make sure to tighten down on all sides of the Kimbab tool.

Slice the Kimbab roll into small pieces of about 1.5 centimeters to 2 centimers.

Step 8:

Place the sliced pieces into a plate in a fashionable manner. Repeat steps 11-15 to make more Kimbab rolls.

Voila, you have finished making Kimbab!

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