Introduction: How to Make LED Face Mask

voice activated LED facemask connection instructions


When making a voice-activated lamp mask, please be careful during the welding of the circuit, so as not to burn your skin by the welding machine! Please connect the circuit correctly and choose a good charging treasure. Short circuit and poor current input of the circuit may cause accidents! The voice-activated light mask is to be attached to the face, so the choice of mask fabric is very important, please choose fire-resistant fabric! Finally, please ask the younger children to make the production accompanied by an adult.

Tools Needed:


Soldering iron

Fabric Glue or a Sewing Kit

Safety goggies



Optional Useful Stuff

A heat shrink (electrical tape can make due in a pinch, but the heat shrink is nice)

A digital multimeter (for ensuring your connections are correct and your electronics work)

A soldering mat

Arduino Nano

The Parts

Led matrix 8x8 WS2812B

Microphone max4466

Arduino Nano

330Ω resistor

24 Gauge wire

Heat shrink

5V power bank

KCD1 Switch

Step 1: ​Circuit Connection

Led matrix 8x8 WS2812B DIN pin------------330Ω resistor

330Ω resistor------------Arduino Nano D6 Pin

max4466 microphone VCC pin-------------Arduino Nano 5V Pin

max4466 microphone GND pin-------------Arduino Nano GND Pin

max4466 microphone OUT pin-------------Arduino Nano A7 Pin

Led matrix 8x8 WS2812B 5V pin------------ Arduino Nano VIN Pin

Led matrix 8x8 WS2812B GND pin------------ Arduino Nano GND pin

KCD1 switch------------ Arduino Nano D12 pin

Arduino Nano GND pin------------ KCD1 switch

Step 2: Upload Code


1. Install Library file: Open "Tools"-"Library Manager" in the Arduino development software, then search for Adafruit_NeoPixel, Adafruit_NeoMatrix, Adafruit_GFX_Library, and then install these three libraries

2. Select the development board as Arduino Nano, this is to choose the right.

3. Select the processor as ATmega328P(Old Bootloader), this is to choose the right.

4. Then select the port, this port should be the same as what you see in the device manager, so that you can burn the code into the development board.