Introduction: How to Make LEGO Chess Pieces(and Also How the Pieces Move)

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If you're a good chess player, you must've played chess a lot before. There are websites like Chesskid or, but it's virtual. Why not play chess in real life? Because the pieces can't change. I mean, it gets boring doing the same stuff beating your family over and over again. In my house, we literally have a bunch of useless LEGO pieces. But then I thought of some fun variations you can do with LEGO only! I will teach them to you at the end. Thanks for reading!


A few LEGO pieces.

Step 1: The Pawns

The pawns are the easiest piece in this whole instructable. They are just 2x2 bricks. You will need eight. If you have not played chess before, this is how the pawn works. The pawn can only move forward once per turn, but it cannot take(eat)pieces in front of it. It has to take pieces diagonally in front of it.

Step 2: The Bishops

You will need two bishops. The bishops can only go diagonally as much as they want until a piece blocks them. The bishop is like the pawn, except it a circular 2x2 brick.

Step 3: The Knights

The knights will be a 2x2 brick with a 1x2 on top. The knight can hop over pieces. It goes in L's.

Step 4: The Rook

The rook may only move straight. It cannot hop over pieces. The rook is just a 2x2 circular plate.

Step 5: The King and the Queen

The king can only move one space per turn. It can move anywhere though. The queen is much like the king, except it can move anywhere more than one space a turn. It cannot hop over pieces.

Step 6: The Different Variation

One of the variations is when you take a piece, then they have to step on it. After you take more pieces, They have to keep stepping on the pieces you take.

Step 7: Done!

You are done! Thanks for reading! Please vote for me and favorite this and also comment if you liked this instructable!

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