Introduction: How to Make LEVITRON

So the idea of device is very simple, the electromagnet lift into the air a piece of magnet.
When current flows through the coil, it will behave like a magnet and will attract our magnet. When the sensor detects the magnet, it will turn off the coil and the magnet will start to fall. Thanks to the quick turn on and off of the coil we will get the effect of floating in the air.

Step 1: Components

  • Transistor IRL2901
  • BreadBoard
  • Diode RED
  • Diode 1N4007
  • Wires
  • Pin
  • Header
  • Resistors: 10K and 330
  • 0.1mm Copper Wire

Step 2: Diagram

Step 3: Make

The most difficult task is to wind the coil. I wound 10 layers of wire and it took me over an hour.

The Circuit will be powered by 5 Volt, the current was about 400mA. At
higher voltages, the coil and transistor began to heat up. Now you need to set the A3144 sensor, in the coil and so that your magnet starts to levitate. The sensor detect a magnet about 2cm from it.