Introduction: How to Make Led Strip (Copper Tape)

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In this quick tutorial I will show you guys how to make a simple led strip using copper tape and some smd led's with little bit of soldering work.This project is quick and can be useful too.As this led strip runs on very commonly used 3.7V power supply it can be easily maintained.I made this because i want this type of led strip in my upcoming project on instructables.

Just ,follow the below mentioned step and make your own.

Step 1: Materials Required

SMD Led (any color )

Copper Tape

Masking Tape

Soldering Iron and wire

Hobby knife


Step 2: Working on Copper Tape

Copper tape is very flexible and it comes with sticky back so I thought its perfect for our project.

Here I have a 6mm wide copper tape as i need around 6-8cm of led strip ( You can change the length according to your need) so I took a piece of copper tape of that length.First of all I divided copper tape into 3 equal parts resulting me a final length of 2mm*8cm for reference you can see the above picture.Then I took two pieces of it and stick them to my table using masking tape as you can see in the image.I also marked the points were led's are soldered and also marked the polarity for the led.

Step 3: Soldering LED's

Soldering the led is very easy as you can see in the image i just added little bit of solder on each sides and then with the help of tweezers and soldering iron I soldered the led's in parallel connection.Here I am using 3014 smd led of green color.Take care of polarity.Later I also added jst connector which i completely optional you can solder any connector or wire for power supply .

Step 4: Results

This the best led strip for my upcoming project it is easy to build and its runs on 3.7V DC power supply.Here i had used green color led and 3.7v lipo battery as a power supply and we if you remember we had not not removed the sticky cover so you can stick it where ever you want by peeling of the cover.

I hope you guys liked this project also I have entered this for a tape contest so please vote for me I will really appreciate.Also If you any question about the project please let me know in the comment below.


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