Introduction: DIY MINI Electric CAR

About: Yo Guys. I make useful as well as playful DIY Projects & how to make videos at Home easy for you to try it out by yourself and have fun making it !!! i love making stuffs by my HANDS !!! Also your feedback…

DIY at HOME will teach you how to make a super fast mini electric car toy very simple very easy using a 9V battery and powered with a dc motor for school science projects for kids !!!

Just follow the step by step instructions and have fun by trying out by yourself !!!

Video Tutorial link on How to make

Step 1: Car Demonstration and Video Tutorial on How to Make It by Yourself at HOME !

Step 2: Things Required

2 toothpicks

1 dc motor

1 9V battery

1 battery connector

1 on/off switch

4 bottle caps

1 big scraw

1 gear

1 thumbpin

and some hot glue

Step 3: Make Holes at Centre of Each Bottle Cap Using Thumbpin

Step 4: Stick the Gear to the Toothpick Using Hot Glue or Strong Liquid Glue​

Step 5: Cut Appropriate Length of Straw Yo Hold the Toothpick to Rotate

Step 6: Stick Bottle Caps to Toothpick Using Hot Glue or Liquid Super Glue

Step 7: Make Another Arrangement Without Gear

Step 8: Stick Motor Upon the Battery Using Hot Glue

Step 9: Stick the Battery Motor Arrangement to the Straw As Per the Image

Step 10: Stick the On/off Switch

Step 11: Put the Battery Connector and Make the Connections

Step 12: Stick the Remaining Wheel Arrangement Below the Battery As Per the Image


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