Introduction: How to Make Macro in Excel and Copy Data in an Easiser Way.

Hi, this instructable will teach you how to create the macro in an easy and better way to copy and paste data which will show as examples.

Step 1: Enable the Developer to Start Macro.

First, we need to enable the developer tab for starting creat macro.

Open the excel and click on the file tab. Then, click the opinion and select customize ribbon and check the box of the developer.

After you check the box of the developer, we will see a new tab on top shows developer which we can start making the macro.

Step 2: Creat the Macro.

Second, click on record the macro as the picture shown.

This action will record the action that you doing in excel and transfer it to codes.

After you finished the action, you can click on stop recording at the same spot and now we have a macro.

Step 3: Examples of Copy Templates and Data

Copy template:

This will show an example of how to copy a template by using a macro. This solution is very useful when you have multiple people working on different data together in the same workbook.

First, go to the developer tab and click the record macro. Second, right click on the bottom tab and make a copy of the original template. Then, stop recording the macro.

Next, click on insert and insert any symbol you want to assign the macro. ( People usually insert a button in here.)

After you assigned the macro, the code will work.

When every time you click on the button, the macro will work and make a copy of the template.

Copy data:

This example will show how to copy data from one sheet to another with macro.
First, we do the same things again from copy template which are record macro, copy the data from one sheet to another sheet, stop recording, insert the button and assign. Now you may have a question which is how this can be easy?

Next step will click on visual basic and you will see the macro that we created. According to the last image, we can change the name of the copying sheet and change the cells that we want to copy even adding more by just copy the same code.

Step 4: Example 2- Copy Data