Introduction: Magic to Transform a Girl With a Cardboard

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Hello! This is this is magic to transform a girl

A very interesting and easy to do idea

You can do with any image you like

I hope you enjoyed this magic show.

Let's make it

⚡ Sorry everyone, but this tutorial may not be detailed. You can see the specific instructions by the video I posted above

Step 1: Prepare a Cardboard

Prepare a cardboard box large enough. Recommended size is 52,5cm x 17cm

Prepare cardboard as shown

NOTE : Notice in the second image, Cut along the drawn red line , Create a gap to create an operating mechanism

Step 2: Paste the Remaining Pieces As Shown

Paste the remaining pieces as shown

Step 3: Prepare Cardboard

Prepare 2 pieces of cover size as shown

Paste in the middle of the other two covers

And make a small hole right here (second photo)

Step 4: Choose Photo

You can do with any image you like

If you like this image, you can download it below the description

See Description

Step 5: Use Bamboo Chopsticks

Use bamboo chopsticks and stick it on the picture as shown

Step 6: Paste Two Photos Into One

Paste two photos into one

Step 7: One More Chopstick

One more chopstick for the bottom , to create a pull-back mechanism

Step 8: ​Use the Ice-cream Stick

Use the ice-cream stick and create 2 holes

Then attach it to the chopsticks and use glue to attach it tightly

Step 9: Prepare

Prepare cardboard as shown

Stick all the above covers together. and then prepare to attach to the hard cover

Step 10: Combined

Place image into the frame.

Place the bamboo chopsticks in the place you created earlier (second photo)

Attention must put cross cover plate. Otherwise the image will be creased

Then put the rest (third photo)

Step 11: Make Legs

Make legs for the product

Prepare 3 sheets of 18cm x 6cm and stick it to the bottom of the cover

Step 12: Make a Handle

Make a handle

Step 13: Use the Elastic

Make a hole to put the chopsticks in

Use the elastic to keep the handle from spinning

and that is the final step to complete an interesting magic product

Step 14: Looking Back at the Product

With just a few simple steps, you can create an interesting product with cardboard. Do it at home if you like

Thank you for watching

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Step 15:

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