Introduction: How to Make Magnetic Stirrer

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I am making a magnetic stirrer which can be make by simple method

we need

5" x 5" wood of 2 piece

2" x 5 " wood of 4 pieces

9v battery

12v fan

Hard Disk magnet


If you don't understand something please watch the video

Step 1: Making a Box

Glue 5''x5'' all over the edges and place 2"x5" on the side then secure them with screws from all the sides

Step 2: Moving It Fast

Make a hole for the switch and place it in , wire the relay to switch from fan to battery and place fan and battery inside the box , secure the fan with 2'' screws so it stay at the top position.

Put hot glue over the fan and place hard disk magnet on its center when it get dry then on the switch it will start moving very fast,than place the 5''x5'' on top of the box.

Place any cup or mixer over the box fill with water and place a iron nail or stainless nail and on the switch it will start to swing from inside by the magnetic rotation from rolling of fan.

Now we can mix anything without the use of spoon.

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