Introduction: How to Make Marquise Au Chocolat (French Chocolate Dessert)

Are you a fan of chocolate and graham crackers? Then this French dessert is perfect for you! Why bother spending money on one bite of a chocolate dessert when you can make your own tray from ingredients you probably already have. This instruction will fully guide you on how to make this delicious French chocolate dessert

Step 1: Prepare Your Ingredients


4 sticks butter (room temp)

4 extra large egg yolks

1 lb powdered sugar

2/3 of a can bitter cocoa powder

1 can (10oz) crème frèche shake well If cannot find 10 oz get (2) 7.6oz cans and use 10oz quantity OR add some milk instead

1 Tbsp vanilla extract

1 box original graham crackers

Milk or evaporated milk

Step 2: Directions


-in a bowl beat butter by itself until very smooth

-Gradually add powdered sugar into butter and beating well. Continue to beat sugar and butter until bend well, creamy and no lumps

-beat egg yolks separately in small bowl

-add egg yolks a little at a time to sugar/butter mixture while continue to beat and blend well

In separate bowl beat crème frèche and bitter chocolate (add as much chocolate as desired if want darker chocolate. Then add 2/3 of container, if lighter then add 1/2 of container. If it’s too lumpy add a splash of milk to make it smooth and creamy but shouldn’t be necessary with enough crème frèche

-Add Vanilla to chocolate mixture and beat it well

-Combine both butter/sugar mixture with chocolate/crème mixture in bowl

-Beat well until very well mixed and smooth

-In flat dish mix milk and espresso to soak in graham crackers (cut crackers as needed to fit in corners or smaller areas)

-Pyrex pan put a layer of wax paper in the bottom. Make sure Wax paper is long enough to cover top when done at end.

-Eyeball chocolate mixture in bowl and kinda separate into 4 quarters to have even chocolate for all layers

-Add one layer of chocolate mixture

-Add one layer of soaked graham crackers (soak them one at a time and quick as they are being layered so crackers don’t get mushy)

-Repeat layer process 4 layers total... chocolate mixture is last too layer.

-Once done Freeze for about 24hrs

Step 3: Serve!

Enjoy this chilled chocolate dessert